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Date: 17th August
Place: Room 300 (also known as seminarim bet, Nathan Rosen seminar room) 
       Physics Building, Technion

Tentative Program:
10:15  Coffee
10:30  Adham Hashibon, Physical Modelling Group,
       Fraunhofer Institute, Frieburg, Germany -
       ``Understanding material behaviour from atomistic modelling''
11:15  Yaron Amouyal, Materials Science and Engineering, Technion -
       ``Interfacial segregation and phase partitioning of solute atoms in the
       &gamma(f.c.c.)/&gamma`(L12) system in Ni-based superalloys:
       an atom-probe tomographic and first-principles study''
12:00  Polina Pine, RBNI, Technion -
       ``Simulation of vibrational frequencies of carbon nanotubes''
12:20  TBA, Mechanical Engineering, Technion -
12:40  TBA, 20 minute graduate student/postdoc or experimentalist  presentation
13:00  Lunch (somewhere at the Technion)
14:00  More long or  short  presentations and discussion

End of program about 15:30

Please contact Joan Adler if you wish to make a  presentation 
(indicate if you prefer 20 minutes or 40 minutes, give title 
and link to website or paper if possible.) Speakers, let me know if you are
not bringing a laptop and if so send me the talk in advance PLEASE. 

All welcome, no registration, if you want to connect a laptop
and are not registered on the Physics system, please send 
LAN hardware address (not the wireless one) by 15th August.

If you know of other people  who may attend please  forward this to them.