IPS Databank for 2005-7 during presidency of Joan Adler

Some older material can be found in hardcopy in the IPS repository, Rm 621 Physics, Technion, or in Joan Adler's office (in cabinet nearest door)

2008 onwards:
 Avishai Dekel takes over presidency.
 Israel Mardor - treasurer
 Elisha Cohen, new Technion representative
 Eli Barkai, new BarIlan representative.
 new Secretary?

Natan Netzer, Joan Adler and Lior Klein leave IPS council 

IPS Archive from before 2004 can stay in room 621, or in my office
Lidow building at the Technion, and can be accessed via Liz Yodim or
my students  if needed.
Material from 2005 onwards will be given to Avishai Dekel.
Newsletter will stay with Liz Yodim with Elisha Cohen providing advice.
 (account newslet@physics.technion.ac.il, password in hands of Liz,)
Listserv - owned by newslet@physics.


Website (account ips@physics.technion.ac.il password in hands of Liz.) 
This should probably move somewhere more accessible to Avishai and is 
overdue for revision.

Changes of address:
Update listings with Rasham Amutot, EPS and APS
(addresses in hard copy files.)
Changeover of treasurer and changeover of bank signatures.

This is a list of publically avaliable IPS files, 
and will cease to be updated at the end of December, 2007:

Files to be dealt with during changeover period.
EPS payment request

2007 files (Newest first)

(***) to be updated before 2008, after Joan Adler gets the new 
secretaries name from Avishai, or else this will be done by new executive 

Prize citation for students.
President's report for 2007 
Agenda for 2007 annual business meeting De-Shalit room.
 tex  pdf.
The council lists are  at council.doc, (06,07) and council08.doc
and tzscan.tif as went in in 2005.
The website page http://physics.technion.ac.il/~ips/web/structure.html
needs to be updated with new members and office bearers.****
Minutes of business meeting 

We do not have ishur nihul takin for 2006/7 owing to missing 2005 
financial report which is being sent in the coming week.
With that needs to go a list of council members for 2006-7 
and letters from vaadat bikoret which willbe/have been sent to Eran.

Financial report for 2006 nearly ready and in hands of Nathan Netzer
and accountant.
Accountant Irit Goldfeather 8628863 8640217 0544364398
Kesselman and Kesselman - 037954480 fax 037954951
Eran Ben Menachem - tel  037954480

 membership list
 from liz including 2006-7 payments plus nathan's additions
 Form_tax_report (not for us to sign)
reports for signature (2/9/07) pages needing signature corrected

sign page 3 
sign page 2  

June 2007 - letter from to mas hachnasa, promise from Eran (037954951(fax), 037954952 or 027954480 (tel)) to complete soon. at Keselman and keselman to deal with it. (letter to eshel - let2e) 14/3/2007 (corrected) minutes 15/3/07 requests of rasham amutot 12/1/07 agenda of meeting on 12/3/07 7/1/07 emailing 28/12/06 minutes of annual meeting pdf in English pdf in Hebrew 2006 files (Newest first) -6. Presidents's annual report -5. invite to annual business meeting IPS members andcouncil members and its agenda -4. minutes from 26th April -3. Flyer for membership [word][pdf] -1. letter from EPS 0. letter sent on 25th April 1. file prepared by Israel Mardor about aps/eps 2. letter about meeting on 20th/26th 3. dates for next meeting. 4. Agenda for council meeting on 6th March - here, draft of statement about membership. 5. From annual meeting 2005: Cezar's translation of Joan's report. 6. President's report, Business meeting agenda Older files: draft of agenda for Business Meeting, IPS2005, see also three letters from the EPS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These files are needed to prepare the material for the Rasham Amutot. 0. list of items(thanks Michael). 1. letterhead Rosa built us with legal name. 2. reformatted minutes 3. official version of the financial report for 2004 is being prepared by lihi from keselman and keselman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This material is archieved from 2005 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Meeting REPORTS protocol of annual meeting thanks, Lior. Additional material as sent to Rasham Amutot thanks, Raoul. Joan's report from EPS meeting. 2. Permanent Material

Takanon draft[WORD][PS][PDF]. This document was originally prepared by Michael Gedalin. Thanks Zvi for editing after updating. If you have not already sent corrections, please see the updated version by Lior here. Please send corrections by fax to 04 8295755 marked attn Joan Adler.

accountant and rasham amutot details. 3. IPS2005 material Location of abstract submission for IPS2005 Program and seesion organiser list here 4. Publicity Material Newspaper announcement [WORD][PDF], thanks Guy. 5. IPS websites Main website - http://physics.technion.ac.il/~ips/web Newsletter website - http://physics.technion.ac.il/~newslet/thisweek.html 6. IPS logo - logo 7. emailing from 30/11/05 8. draft of agenda for Business Meeting, IPS2005 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The following material is not open to the public because it contains personal details. It has been emailed to IPS Council and will be given to any IPS members who need to have it and send an email request to Joan Adler. (old/phjoan87) Report on January IPSCouncil Meeting - ipsjan_05.doc on phjoan87 - thanks Cezar Various memos phjoan23:~phr76ja/ips Tex format letter that works with IPS letterhead phjoan23:letters/nolet.tex and ipslet.tex ipsletterhead letterhead.doc on phjoan87 takziv corrections takziv.doc on phjoan87 IPS2005 program program.doc on phjoan87 phjoan87=phjoan23:phjoan87 doc files Address of Rosa Mansour who is dealing with Rasham Amutot T.D. 45192 Har Hotzvim Jerusalem 91450 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference files which were sent to IPS Council mailing list and do not contain personal details ecsurvey email ecsurvey pdf ----------------------------------------------------------------------- All material on phjoan23 is backed up at the Technion Computer center. Material on physics and phstudy is backed up by Riva in the Technion Physics Department.