Agenda for IPS Council meeting, March 6/06, Rm 319 Kaplun, Tel Aviv at 14:00

1. OK of minutes of business meeting
2. list of permanent expenses of IPS
3. presidents update of rasham amutot situation and mas hachnasa
4. location of IPS2006 (Hebrew University has been proposed)
5. financial report
6. membership fees (and how to collect them) - see my notes from the EPS
7. membership rewards 
8. additional issues

I think we are looking at at least two hours to do this carefully.

I also asked in an earlier letter -

     Cezar, can you please circulate the minutes from the Business
meeting - he did, thanks,  and the early version can  be seen at
Cezar's minutesand
Cezar's translation of my report.
Corrected summary for Rasham Amutot here

     Nathan, can you please circulate a written current financial
report? Well I guess its too late to circulate so can you please 
bring it with you?

     Eli, can you give us a summary of IPS2005 statistics and finances -
Kobi sent this to me and it can be viewed  here.