Individual Membership Benefits

Membership is 150 shekels for researchers and 75 shekels for students, retirees and current school teachers. We have been asked to add to the membership form the option of adding a fixed amount for direct individual EPS membership.

Membership entitles you to

  1. receive EPS and APS publications at member rates
  2. register to APS and EPS conferences at member rates
  3. a reduced rate individual EPS membership to enable your participation in EPS committees
  4. an individual copy of Europhysics News
  5. membership supports IPS newsletter, currently we also allow non-members to get this.

  6. we will add reduced publication fees for the New Physics Journal shortly

What else can we add?

Proposed inducements to membership

  1. A free year for 3rd year undergraduates ?
  2. or a free year for 1st year graduate students ?

(keep in mind, members cost us a fixed amount to the EPS each year)

Institution membership

  1. limit IPS prizes to students from departments that pay membership
  2. limit contribution to newsletter to departments that pay membership (or to departments that have x individual members.)